Heirs to Hugo Grotius' Legacy

The Patrons of Loevestein Castle Foundation (Dutch: Stichting Vrienden van Slot Loevestein) was set up over forty year ago. We refer to our business patrons as Loevestein’s Lords & Ladies. They support the museum with financial contributions so that we can continue creating new exhibitions and presentations.

Our Lords & Ladies are exclusive business patrons who support Loevestein Castle… exclusive in the sense that there are only one hundred Loevestein Lords and Ladies, and because they’re invited to attend special networking events at the castle every year. But first and foremost because they have stepped forward as ‘heirs’ to Hugo Grotius’ legacy and contribute towards protecting his ideology.

In this vein, they may call themselves Lords and Ladies of Loevestein.

The Lords & Ladies of Loevestein

Loevestein can count on the support of its Lords and Ladies on future projects – they’ve committed their support to Loevestein for several years to come. As a token of our gratitude, they receive a memento of Loevestein Castle and enjoy a whole host of privileges!

Donations and the Dutch Gift & Inheritance Tax Act

The new Dutch Gift & Inheritance Tax Act (Geefwet) took effect on 01 January 2012, making it an even more interesting proposition for companies to donate to cultural institutions such as Loevestein Castle.

You can read more about the Dutch Gift & Inheritance Tax Act here (only a Dutch version is currently available).