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The Most Famous Castle
in the Netherlands

In 1358, a knight called Diederic Loef of Horne built a castle in the middle of the Dutch countryside where the Meuse and Waal rivers converged.

At the time, this was a perfect location for levying tolls. Today, it’s the ideal spot for a day out with friends, family or colleagues. You can also use our castle as a venue for your parties or conventions, or even as a place to spend the night.

An Amazing Adventure for Young and Old Alike

There’s something here for everyone, be it in the castle, on the outer bailey or in the garrison. In our museum, you can learn virtually everything there is to know about Hugo Grotius, the Middle Ages and the Hollandic Water Line.

Learn about weapons and gunpowder, or get your feet wet battling high water in the cellars!

Everyone gets a key to discover everything they could ever want to know about the castle. Find out for yourself!