A day at Loevestein is a great adventure for young and old. Start the day with a snack in the Taveerne before exploring the fortress and castle. There is so much to discover!

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1001 bombs and grenades

Loevestein Castle is more than a medieval castle. It was the state prison in the Netherlands. And it is also a fortress in the Dutch Waterline. With its earthen walls, double canals, bomb-proof shelter and the street with soldiers’ houses, the fortress still exudes the atmosphere of an eighteenth-century soldier’s village.

Explore and learn musket shooting, explode gunpowder and flood the fortress with the water game.

Temporary exhibition 2024

Opposites | Divide or Unite

Polarization seems to be a thing of our time. It seems like opinions are getting harsher. But this is not new. In the 17th century in Holland, two groups stood diametrically opposed to each other as opposites. People no longer saw each other as fellow human beings, but only as the enemy. Political opponents were imprisoned at Slot Loevestein.

The exhibition “Opposites” shows what polarization is, how it can occur and what consequences it can have. What can we learn from history? When does having different opinions turn into hostility? And can we prevent this? By connecting the past and present, we try to answer this. You will be challenged to think about your own ideas. There is a children’s line with fun assignments and games to introduce the subject in an approachable way.

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For the whole family

Play & Explore

No statically furnished rooms, but you can explore the fortress and castle independently. And then learn how to shoot musket or play on the climbing course.

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Historic Highlights

Every Saturday and Sunday there is an entry-level tour, but an exclusive tour with your own company is of course also possible.

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Curious about what is being organised, for example during school holidays?

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Permanent exhibition

Military function

Loevestein had a military function and was never inhabited by noble families. However, innkeepers, soldiers and ordinary citizens lived there. Visit the permanent exhibition ‘Excavated’ which shows the traces of their lives. Sometimes very special, sometimes surprisingly ordinary.

Opgegraven! (dug up) is one of the few archaeological exhibitions in the Netherlands where the exhibition takes place on the site itself.

Permanent exhibition
Beautiful river landscape

Nature around Loevestein

Loevestein is located in the floodplains of the Maas and Waal. A great diversity of (water) plants and animals has arisen in this beautiful Munnikenland. Large grazers have been released, such as herds of Konik horses and the unique Red Geus cattle. Walking, cycling or boating, you can enjoy the area in different ways.

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Eat & Drink

Coffee & something delicious

Start the day with a good cup of coffee or tea with something delicious in our Tavern or Remise. You can also enjoy hot and cold sandwiches with soup during lunch, or have a drink after your visit.

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Museum shop

Something for everyone

In the museum store you will find books, postcards, souvenirs and more! Children have also been thought of with soft toys, children’s books, puzzles, toys and, of course, helmets, shields and dress-up clothes!

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Loevestein Bed & Breakfast

A romantic stay

Spending the night at Loevestein is a special experience. You’re very welcome in our luxurious Bed & Breakfast for a first-class weekend away.

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