Museum Visits

A key to the castle. Everyone gets one! But a key to Loevestein Castle is something very different. Everyone who visits our museum gets a personal key with which they can explore the castle on their own, allowing them to view countless exhibits and listen to tales told from every perspective imaginable. You’ll also find information folders (Dutch and English) in all the castle’s rooms.

As one of our younger visitors, you can also listen to our Hugo4Kids story (in Dutch) and actually crawl into a book chest similar to the one that Hugo escaped in! You can also dress up as a knight or a damsel in the castle’s cellars.

Loevestein is also an archaeological site. Using your personal key, you can visit the Unearthed! exhibition where you’ll find remnants left behind by the castle’s former inhabitants. They tell the stories about life in centuries past (Dutch and English).

All presentations that are activated with with your key are both in Dutch and English. The stories which are told by the personal guides in the castle are in Dutch.

Loevestein Unravelled – Layar

You can even explore the stronghold armed with your smartphone. If you install the Layar app on your phone and load the mijnGelderland Layar, then Loevestein Castle’s mysteries will unravel before your very eyes.

You’ll find twenty-one points of interest (POIs) around the stronghold with information, historical images and accompanying video material.

Download the Layar app
Download the mijnGelderland Layar