A Legendary Children's Party in a Historic Setting

Where else would you rather celebrate your birthday than at Loevestein Castle? Because who wouldn’t want to be welcomed to the castle in the secluded Gatehouse tower or Gunpowder tower with ‘ale’ and medieval snacks?

There are countless options for making your party the best party ever. And to crown it all, you can even sign your name on an old, slate tile and enter yourself into the chronicles of Loevestein Castle.

At the end of your adventure, you’ll chronicle your day’s discoveries on a piece of slate and everyone will receive a certificate as a memento of your visit to the castle and your party.

Download your invite here.

A Perfect Children's Party – Options

  • Knights & Damsels (boys & girls aged 4-6 y.o.)
    What’s it like to live in a castle? Find out at Loevestein Castle. Dress up as a medieval knight or young damsel and explore the castle with your tour guide and listen to wondrous tales about Loevestein.
  • Boot Camp (boys & girls aged 6 and older)
    Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a soldier at Loevestein? Well, here’s your chance! Learn to perform military drills like a real soldier. And of course, you’ll get to hear dozens of brave soldiers’ tales.
  • Archaeology Workshop (boys & girls aged 6 and older)
    What do archaeologists actually do? They do more than just dig holes!
  • Foraging (boys & girls aged 6 and older)
    Head off on an adventure into Loevestein Castle’s rural surroundings with your tour guide at your side and find out all there is to know about the countryside and waterways around the castle.
  • Medieval Girl Power (girls aged 6 and older)
    What did women used to do in a castle? Well, lots of fun things mainly – they danced, they strolled around and they played games. You can too. And of course, all your girlfriends can come too.

Price: €15 p.p. (min. 8 / max. 15 per party)

Children’s parties last approximately one and a half hours. The price includes apple juice, a muffin, a certificate and one of the options listed above.

To make things even more festive, why not arrange for an apple pie or cream cake (€40), archery lessons (€375) or even a hexathlon event (€160).

We add a surcharge of €50 outside regular opening hours.

The surcharge for a visit to 1001 Bombs & Grenades with a key is €2.